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Ica Stones Hoax

Ica Stone

The Ica stones are a collection of engraved and painted stones that were discovered in the Ica Province of Peru in the 1960s. The stones depict various scenes of people, animals, and plants, as well as what appear to be depictions of advanced technology and advanced medical procedures.

Some proponents of the Ica stones claim that they provide evidence for the existence of advanced ancient civilizations that had knowledge and technology far beyond what was previously thought possible. They have also been cited as evidence of extraterrestrial contact with ancient civilizations.

However, the authenticity of the Ica stones has been widely disputed by scholars and experts in various fields. Many of the images on the stones appear to be anachronistic, and some have been identified as reproductions of images from popular books and magazines from the 1950s and 1960s.

Additionally, some of the stones have been shown to be modern forgeries, and there is evidence to suggest that many of the stones were produced in the 20th century as part of a fraudulent trade in ancient artifacts. As such, the Ica stones are not considered to be credible evidence for the existence of advanced ancient civilizations or extraterrestrial contact.

Ica Stone

The Ica stones are notable for the engravings on their surfaces, which depict a variety of images, including humans, animals, plants, and complex geometric designs. Some people believe that the engravings are ancient in origin and depict pre-Columbian scenes and technology, while others believe that the stones are modern forgeries. The authenticity of the Ica stones remains a subject of debate among researchers.

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