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‘Wondrous: 25 True UFO Encounters’, by Shannon LeGro


“Wondrous: 25 True UFO Encounters” is a captivating and well-researched book that delves into some of the most intriguing and puzzling UFO encounters of recent times. The book is authored by Shannon LeGro, a well-known paranormal researcher and writer who has a keen interest in the unexplained phenomena.

The book is divided into 25 chapters, each of which recounts a different UFO encounter, based on real-life events. The stories are gripping and often contain first-hand accounts from witnesses, adding an element of authenticity to the tales. LeGro’s writing style is engaging and easy to follow, making the book accessible to both casual readers and seasoned UFO enthusiasts.

What sets “Wondrous” apart from other books on the subject is the range and diversity of the encounters described. From close encounters with flying saucers to encounters with strange, humanoid beings, the book covers a broad spectrum of UFO sightings. LeGro’s research is meticulous, and she provides a wealth of information about each case, including eyewitness accounts, photographs, and other relevant details.

Another notable feature of “Wondrous” is the author’s approach to the subject matter. Rather than trying to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life or the authenticity of the encounters, LeGro presents the stories as they are, leaving it up to the reader to draw their own conclusions. This approach adds a level of objectivity to the book and makes it more compelling.

Overall, “Wondrous: 25 True UFO Encounters” is an excellent book that offers a fascinating insight into the world of UFO sightings and encounters. It is well-written, well-researched, and packed with gripping stories that will keep readers hooked from beginning to end. Whether you’re a seasoned UFO enthusiast or simply someone with an interest in the unexplained, this book is sure to delight and intrigue.

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