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Lesser-Known UFO Incidents: A Glimpse into Unexplained Aerial Phenomena

UFO Incidents

In the realm of UFO sightings, a selection of less publicized yet equally intriguing incidents exist alongside well-known events such as Roswell Incident and the Phoenix Lights. All these cases had multiple witnesses and were subjects of official investigation, but no irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial origin has been presented.

Here are a few lesser-known UFO incidents:

Ohair International Airport

The 2006 O’Hare Airport Incident: In November 2006, several employees at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago reported seeing a metallic, saucer-shaped craft hovering over Gate C-17. The object was seen for approximately five minutes before shooting upward at a great speed and leaving a hole in the cloud cover.

Tehran UFO Incident

The 1976 Tehran UFO Incident: On September 19, 1976, the Iranian Air Force was contacted about an unidentified object flying over Tehran. Two F-4 Phantom II jets were dispatched to investigate, and both experienced critical instrumentation and communications failure as they approached the object.

Westall UFO Encounter

The Westall UFO Encounter (1966): This sighting took place in Melbourne, Australia at Westall High School. An object described as being a silver disc was seen by students and teachers. Some witnesses reported that the UFO landed and took off again.

Berwyn Mountain Incident

The Berwyn Mountain Incident (1974): Also known as the “Welsh Roswell,” locals in Berwyn Mountains, Wales, reported a loud bang, a brilliant light, and tremors. The official explanation was a meteorite coupled with an unrelated earthquake, but some still believe it was a UFO crash.

Maury Island

The Maury Island Incident (1947): Just before the famous Roswell Incident, Harold Dahl claimed to see six UFOs near Maury Island in Washington State. Dahl even reported that debris from the UFOs damaged his boat and injured his son.

Shag Harbour

The Shag Harbour Incident (1967): In Nova Scotia, Canada, several witnesses reported seeing an object descend into the waters of Shag Harbour. A subsequent search by the Coast Guard and Royal Canadian Mounted Police revealed no debris, and no aircraft were reported missing.

These incidents all had multiple witnesses and some degree of official investigation, which lends them a bit more credibility than many UFO reports. However, in all these cases, no definitive evidence has been presented to suggest that these were anything other than misidentified human-made objects or natural phenomena. As always, claims of extraterrestrial activity should be approached with healthy skepticism.

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