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Top Unidentified Submerged Object Sightings

Submerged UFO

Unidentified submerged objects (USOs) are underwater craft or objects that are not immediately identifiable. While USOs are not as well-known as UFOs, there have been several high-profile cases over the years that have captured the attention of researchers and the public alike. Here are some of the most well-known USO cases:

  1. Shag Harbour Incident: In October 1967, a series of lights were reported in the sky over Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. Witnesses reported seeing a craft crash into the water, and local authorities launched a search and rescue operation. While no wreckage was found, divers later reported seeing strange objects on the ocean floor, leading some to speculate that a USO was involved in the incident.
  2. Lake Baikal Incident: In 1982, a group of Russian military divers were conducting a training exercise in Lake Baikal when they reportedly encountered a group of underwater crafts. The crafts were described as disc-shaped, and reportedly moved at high speeds through the water. The incident was reportedly classified by the Soviet government, and has become a popular topic among USO researchers.
  3. The Malibu Anomaly: In 1998, an underwater object was discovered off the coast of Malibu, California. The object, which is shaped like a cylinder and measures over 2,000 feet in length, has been the subject of much speculation and debate. Some have suggested that the object is a USO or even an extraterrestrial craft, while others believe it is a natural formation or the remains of an underwater facility.
  4. Gulf Breeze Sightings: In the late 1980s, a series of sightings were reported in the Gulf Breeze area of Florida. Witnesses reported seeing strange lights and objects both in the sky and underwater. Some witnesses reported seeing USOs rising out of the water and flying away at high speeds.
  5. Puerto Rico Trench Incident: In 2013, a team of researchers led by marine biologist Dr. Edie Widder discovered an unusual underwater creature in the depths of the Puerto Rico Trench. The creature, which had never been seen before, was captured on film using a remote-controlled submersible. While not a USO in the traditional sense, the discovery highlights the potential for unexpected and unexplained phenomena in the depths of the ocean.

While USOs are not as well-known as their airborne counterparts, these cases demonstrate that there are still mysteries to be uncovered in the depths of the ocean. As technology and research methods continue to advance, it is possible that we may someday uncover the truth behind these elusive underwater phenomena.

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